How Hailey Bieber became a fashion icon?

Cool and sophisticated – the favored style of Hailey Bieber. Formerly a dancer, she transitioned to modeling and has become one of the most highly regarded faces in the fashion industry today. Fresh, edgy, and versatile, Hailey stands out with a street-style wardrobe that embraces contrasting elements.

Summary: Hailey Bieber: A fresh start with a new name Trendsetter – is she truly deserving? Distinctive blonde hair Beauty and makeup style Style, trends, and inspiration Discovering Hailey Bieber’s Must-have items The path widens day by day Hailey Bieber can effortlessly exude both a classic and quirky vibe, showcasing the strong spirit of those living in the ’90s. Her versatility has shaped her reputation as an it-girl right from her first moments on the red carpet in the early 2010s.

How Hailey Bieber became a fashion icon?
How Hailey Bieber became a fashion icon?

Hailey Bieber: A fresh start with a new name Hailey Baldwin, a trained ballet dancer and the youngest daughter of the famous Baldwin siblings, made her debut in the fashion world in 2014 after signing a contract with the U.S.-based Ford Models agency. Since then, Hailey has officially transitioned from being a dancer to a successful model, making significant breakthroughs in her career from 2016 when she walked for Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Additionally, she took on ambassador roles for prominent fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Superga, as well as L’Oréal and Mac Cosmetics, among others.

Trendsetter – is she truly deserving? The New York-based model’s style has become the most diverse source of inspiration and trends currently. The authentic and timeless core of her style has solidified her position among the most beloved and admired fashion icons worldwide.

In 2018, Hailey married the famous pop singer Justin Bieber, and her influence continued to grow through her YouTube channel and her beauty brand, Rhode, with over 50 million followers on Instagram. Clearly, her life has undergone significant changes since 2010.

Distinctive blonde hair When it comes to hair, Hailey is known for her signature long, blonde bob, often styled in high buns or ponytails. While her hair was silver-golden in 2016, it has evolved into a classic ash blonde shade. However, there are exceptions as she occasionally experiments with brown or pink hues. Besides the familiar colors, the Bieber it-girl also embraces various trendy hairstyles such as bangs, maxi styles, mermaid waves, center parting, showcasing a bold, charming, and edgy personal style.

Beauty and makeup style Hailey’s beauty mantra seems to be “less is more” in her daily life, embracing a minimalistic lifestyle and a super-natural style. This has remained consistent over the years, highlighting her appearance with subtle earth-tone smokey eye makeup, light and dewy finish, a layer of mascara, and either glossy lips or nude-shaded lips with defined outlines.

Her passion for makeup and skincare is now more widely known through her famous beauty brand named ‘Rhode,’ set to be launched this year. Her beauty secret? Moisturizing. Hailey remains loyal to this principle by using various moisturizing creams and consuming liters of water daily.

Style, trends, and inspiration Let’s explore Hailey Bieber’s must-have items. Hailey Baldwin is hailed as the ‘fashion queen,’ a title hardly anyone can deny, from the streets to the red carpet. However, contrary to the ultra-seductive appearance on the catwalk or red carpet, the model always opts for sporty outfits with wide and feminine cuts, turning her flexibility into a strength.

The model cleverly flaunts oversized hoodies, wide-leg pants, often from the Drew brand, along with OG sneakers, bags, and accessories inspired by the ’90s. In addition to these, we can also spot basic items such as T-shirts, crop tops, jeans, biker shorts, mini dresses, bodycon dresses, oversized blazers, leather pants, and denim jackets.

Completing her look with oversized sunglasses and wide outerwear reserved for cold seasons. Always keeping up with the waves of new trends, this New York model has received support from renowned stylists like Maeve Reilly in choosing a style that makes Hailey Bieber an extremely captivating name.

The path widens day by day Moreover, she collaborates with the famous stylist Karla Welch, who recently helped her choose outfits for events like the Vanity Fair Oscar party and the Ellen Degeneres Show. In the glare of flashlights and cameras at major events, Hailey confidently wears tight-fitting short dresses, long maxi dresses with interesting cuts from big names in the fashion industry like Saint Laurent and Versace.

Hailey consistently maintains her position on the red carpet, and for her, outfits can be flexible according to each occasion. The model can possess an ultra-seductive appearance with sparkling fabrics, sequins, looking like a true fashion goddess or transform into a girl next door familiar with timeless and dynamic items.

In conclusion, it’s evident that Hailey effortlessly balances between classic and trendy, making her a captivating fashion figure.

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